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Bold Aqua blue letters that say Support Solutions and then darker blue letters in the lower right hand corner that say ETC
A woman with hot pink hair in a high bun on her head with aqua blue glassses making a funny face. She has tattoos and large swirling blue earrings. Her name Sara Bernadette is written in White with Hot Pink outline. There is a bright blue circle behind her.
A purple bottlecap with a safety pin so you could pin it on like a badge withe the words Fearless Rebel society

Artist, Funky Hair Enthusiast & Potty Mouthed Corporate Rebel

Supporting Unstoppable Corporate Rebels in Rocket Launching their own business without the overwhelm of "What's Next?" using Rocket Fueled Launch Systems & Strategies
Hot Pink Lips blowing a pink bubble gum bubble that says Potty Mouth Rebel Creations with black stars around it. Also looks like a sticker
A Banner that is half yellow and half hot pink with a woman wearing pink lipstick and matching pink glasses holding her finger infront of her lips as if to say "shhh" and The words Corporate Rebels Lounge - Offer Launch Secrets for Unstoppable Rebels
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