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Business idea turned Passion Project

A long time business idea of Sara's has been to start an online gift shop. There is just something about the idea that something she has created being a gift for someone because someone they love thought of them when they see the item and immediately said... "so and so must have this" So she finally decided it was time and launched a new business under this concept but with a fun and unique twist. Introducing...

Hotpink lips blowing a pink bubble gum bubble that says "Potty Mouth Rebel Creations"

This Gift shop is Rocket Fueled by the amazing ideas that are generated by everyone in the audience. Their ideas inspire the art created for the pieces in the shop. With the power of TikTok the goal is to get these unique gifts into the hands of amazing individuals who's loved one thought of their potty mouthed ways and thought... Yep... they need one of these! Sara's goal is to create a minimum of one new design each week to fill the shop based entirely off the suggestions of her audience. Though she has mentioned she would like to challenge her self to create a new design each day for an entire year as a personal goal. So if you are on TikTok visit Sara and make a suggestion for the next design, who knows maybe your idea will be the next featured design on the shop!


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